Five Awesome Reasons Why You Should Visit Malaysia

Boats on beach in Malaysia

When Remote Tour jet off on their next digital nomad adventure in January 2018, the first stop is Malaysia. To explore Asia at its finest, Malaysia is the place to go. With Remote Tour, you can work, travel and explore this beautiful land for a month. So, what is there to see and why should you go?

Here are the best reasons that will have you packing your bag and booking a flight.

        Kuala Lumpur

It may seem like cheating to include the capital city in a reason for visiting Malaysia, but Kuala Lumpur is an incredible melting pot of culture and style and is a fusion of traditional and modern.

The city has a truly iconic skyline that is instantly recognisable; its prominent feature is the Petronas Twin Towers, home of the highest sky bridge in the world. For incredible view across the city, visitors can walk across the bridge, a must-visit for amazing photographs and extraordinary endless views.

Kuala Lumpur is an exotic metropolis, with vibrant nightlife, unique shopping malls and unrivalled cuisine but also peace and charm with picturesque natural beauty, relaxing beaches and historical monuments. Not many places in the world allow you to rest and recharge while having all the action and adventure you can think of right at your fingertips.



        Beaches and Islands

For heavenly tranquil waters and incredible wildlife, head to Langkawi. Langkawi is an archipelago of an incredible 99 different islands. For unwinding on the beach, you can be sure of finding soft, white sands and calming blue hues. For snorkelling action, head to Perhentian Island which has the most stunning coral reefs.

To take wildlife to the extreme, you can find the incredible ancient sea turtles, barracudas and even sharks by taking a dive in the crystal-clear waters of Malaysia. If you are an accomplished diver, then head to Sipadan for an incredible dive that you’ll never forget.


Beach in Malaysia

Beach in Malaysia

        Multicultural History

Malaysia has had a fascinating history, and each chapter has left its mark on the country creating a rich and diverse fusion that is well worth exploring. With influences from China, India, Arabic traders and European acquisition you can find communities of mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples, churches and an amalgamation of architectural styles, and historical points of interest.

Make sure to visit Penang, home of the UNESCO World Heritage site, George Town. Here really does feel like a multicultural melting pot of culture and history as it all seems to blend seamlessly into a beautiful setting. Feeling brave? Then make sure you check out the nearby Snake Temple full of real, live snakes inside.



Head to Borneo for the home of orangutans and seeing them in the wild is a truly treasured moment. With an incredible 97% of our DNA in these beloved primates, you can stare at their almost human features for hours. Unfortunately, these orangutans are critically endangered, and more awareness must be raised to allow these beautiful creatures to continue to live a peaceful life in the jungle.

The jungle of Borneo is full of other wonders too, like adorable pygmy elephants, unusual proboscis monkeys, bright-eyed slow loris and the secretive Bornean bay cat. Take your camera with you for a trek through Sepilok Jungle, and you are sure to come back with a memory card full of beautiful wildlife in their natural habitat.

Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

        Fantastic Food

For most of us, we spend a significant proportion of each day thinking about the next meal and in Malaysia, you have good reason to, with such an incredible local cuisine. Whether it’s a street food from a market stall or a sophisticated restaurant, you are bound to experience an explosion of flavors that invoke all of your senses.

Street food is incredibly cheap but beautifully flavorsome. For breakfast, try Nasi Lemak, a fragrant creamy coconut milk and rice dish that’s commonly served with a boiled egg and fried anchovies. You can wash the Nasi Lemak down with Teh Tarik, which is black tea, mixed with condensed milk poured with a passion for creating a frothy top. Even if it doesn’t appeal, you should definitely watch the drink being made; the pouring skills are incredibly impressive.

Other dishes to try include beef rendang, oyster omelette and Nyonya laksa. Wherever you go in Malaysia, you are bound to be tempted with local delicacies and produce you’ve never seen before.

Malaysian food

Malaysian food

Start Your Adventure

Without a doubt, Malaysia is a must-visit destination. Whatever you love about travelling, you’ll find it in Malaysia. For action and adventure, you can climb Kota Kinabalu, enjoy a spot of white-water rafting and trek through immense jungles. For relaxing you have tea plantations for picturesque scenery or endless beaches with beautiful warm waters to dip your toes into.


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