Looking for Remote Work?



Here’s a few places to look

www.workingnomads.co – a job board specifically catering to digital nomads, with employers who don’t mind where you’re working from and if that changes from month to month

remoteok.io – one of the biggest remote jobs boards out there

remote.co  – Another big specialist remote job board

angel.co/job-collections/remote – AngelList curates all the startup jobs on its platform which allow for remote work

weworkremotely.com – 37signals’ remote jobs boards

europeremotely.com – remote jobs with working hours based on European time zones (which work surprisingly well in Asia…)

jobspresso.com a specialist remote job board with a cool name

wfh.io – another remote job board: this one lets you filter jobs that let you work anywhere (and ignore the ones that require you to be based in a particular country


Or if you’re considering freelancing, try:




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