How Does It Work?

We understand that travel is an amazing experience made better still by the opportunity to meet like minded people.

But we also understand you need to work.

We take the pain and hassle out of organizing travel, providing you with a good standard of accommodation, fast internet,
a supportive team and shared work spaces.  More importantly still, we aim to provide a sense of community. Friendships make working and travelling easier


JAN18 – Malaysia

Our first destination is cosmopolitan, friendly Malaysia, Asia’s cultural melting pot


FEB18 – Thailand

Our second destination is the Land of Smiles and the opportunity to work right on the beach

MAR18 – Vietnam

Our tour ends in vibrant Vietnam: 3000 miles of : 3000 miles of coastline and more motorbikes than you’ve ever seen before in your life

flights included
private villa1
co working space 2


Downpayment: £995
Monthly: £900 for shared bedroom or£1200 for private bedroom

What’s Included

  • Private Villas Accommodation with shared or private bedroom
  • All Flights and Transport between destinations
  • Up To 20 kg for the checked-in baggage and one small cabin bag
  • 24/7 Internet, including backup wifi dongles
  • Shared workspace with fast internet
  • A great bunch of people to travel with
  • Weekly Trips to local points of interest
  • Weekly Meal cooked by a local in the villa
  • One of the founders will travel with the group
  • PDF guide for each city before arrival
  • Weekly Group events: Learn how to set up and manage an online business

What’s Not Included

  • Personal Spending Money
  • Flight to the first Destination
  • Flight from the last Destination
  • Visa and Passport Costs

What we do

  • We find the best accommodation, workspaces and connections between locations so you don’t have to spend your trip worrying about logistics
  • We’ve travelled extensively before and focus on the best locations
  • We help involve our members in the decision making process about activities and, ultimately, where to go next.
  • We provide advice and support on how to best enjoy the local area
  • We run group discussions and advice sessions on topics like digital marketing and business development, just like a workspace
  • We understand you need to work, and organise everything around that
  • We understand that one of the best things about travel is being able to enjoy it with a diverse group of people
  • We save you a lot of time spent searching for the best options, and ensure what’s on offer is value for money
  • We teach you how to set up and manage an online business

What we don’t do

  • We’re not like your traditional tour company which tries to organize your entire day for you. That doesn’t mean we won’t organize and recommend trips to sights, cultural events and meals with the group and local entrepreneurs, but it means we design them to fit around your work schedule and participation is fully optional. We respect you might have to prioritise work and you might like to do some things independently.